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A photo of the St. Norbert College campus

St. Norbert Trustee Sues Grad for Defamation

A former administrator was accused of mishandling sexual assault issues at St. Norbert College. Now he’s a trustee and suing a graduate who publicly criticized his leadership.


Blog Posts on Disability and Climate Change Miss the Mark

Instead of engaging in ableism and "terror teaching," we should focus on helping all students engage in climate action.

Boxes of Plan B sit on a shelf in a pharmacy under a sign that reads "sexual wellness"

Student Wellness Tip: Make Emergency Contraception Accessible

Across the country, institutions are adding vending machines to their campuses for students to purchase emergency contraception when they need it.

A group of Latino mentors smile for a photo in front of a banner with a red tree logo and CREAR Futuros beneath it.

Scaling Up: Latino Peer-Mentorship with Community Resources

The Hispanic Federation partners with Hispanic-serving institutions in New York, Florida, North Carolina, Connecticut and Illinois to empower students with culturally competent resources and guidance.  

A woman walks past a yellow and white sign advertising a vaccine clinic.

COVID-19 Vaccine Mandates Are Almost Gone

Going into the 2021-2022 academic year, hundreds of U.S. colleges and universities mandated the COVID-19 vaccine for students, which had...
A headshot of Philosophy Professor Stephen Kershnar overlapped with a copy of the message sent out to SUNY Fredonia staff and students announcing he was barred from campus.

SUNY Fredonia Fights to Keep Controversial Professor Off Campus

The tenured professor was barred from campus after his contentious comments on pedophilia prompted public outrage. He filed suit arguing that his First Amendment Rights were violated.

A photo illustration of the scales of justice

U of Chicago Financial Aid Settlement Leaves Co-Defendants in a Tough Spot

The University of Chicago settled a federal antitrust lawsuit over financial aid. What does that mean for the 16 remaining defendants in the class action case?

A woman stands in a classroom talking to students on their laptops in front of a wall feature a circle with the six Life Design principles.

Program Innovation: Students Consider Life Design Campuswide

An institutional focus on Life Design principles at Bowling Green State University encourages students to take charge of their life and embrace their ambitions. Two new centers provide staffing and programming for holistic student success.