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Dueling groups of demonstrators face off holding signs that say "stop discriminating on the basis of race" and "we are the people."

Advocates Celebrate End of Race-Conscious Admissions

Students and supporters of affirmative action also descended on the Supreme Court, pledging to continue fighting to make higher education accessible to students from underrepresented backgrounds.

The capitals on top of the pillars on the Supreme Court building's facade.

What the Supreme Court Rejection of Affirmative Action Means

Justices deem admissions programs at both Harvard and UNC Chapel Hill to be unconstitutional. But decision did say applicants can write about their experiences with racism, if colleges follow the rules.

Four Duke students walk down campus in front of the chapel tower.

Duke’s Affordable Action Plan

The university’s decision to waive tuition for lower-income North and South Carolinians is officially about equity. But its potential as a recruitment tool for underserved students connects it to affirmative action’s fate.

The U.S. Supreme Court, with its red velvet drapes and white columns.

What Could Colleges Do Without Affirmative Action?

Could percentage plans work? What about admitting more transfer students from community colleges?

Supreme Court Justices Skeptical of Debt Relief

They questioned the Biden administration’s authority to forgive student loans but also seemed suspicious of arguments from plaintiffs that they have standing to challenge the debt-relief plan.

A Supreme Showdown Over Debt Relief

The legal battle over President Biden’s student loan forgiveness program has reached the Supreme Court, which will decide whether the administration has the authority to forgive the loans and whether the plaintiffs have standing to sue.

How Student Loan Forgiveness Could Win at the Supreme Court

If the parties challenging the plan can’t clear the standing threshold, then the Supreme Court justices shouldn’t consider the other arguments that the debt-relief plan is illegal. But that might not stop the conservative justices from striking down loan forgiveness.

HEROES Act at Center of Debt-Relief Legal Fight

Executive overreach or legal use of statutory authority? That will be a key question for the U.S. Supreme Court to consider when it hears arguments in two debt-relief lawsuits early this year.