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Bonus Episode: Campus Interview with Montclair State's Jonathan Koppell

In this interview, Montclair State University president Jonathan Koppell talks about accessibility for minoritized groups, the power of creative communication and why he thinks universities need to own their part in the public’s diminishing trust in higher education.

Student studying at Chemeketa Community College

Corequisite Courses Gain Momentum

Some Oregon community colleges are trying an alternative approach to remedial education. Higher ed institutions nationally are increasingly embracing the model, but lingering hesitancy remains about the change.

The Liberal Arts Global Classroom Online: Academic Minute

Today on the Academic Minute : Timand Bates, visiting professor of education at Bard College, discusses how online education can...
Morehouse College students utilizing the meta headsets in a microbiology class.

‘Metaversities’ Face Virtual Learning’s Financial Realities

Faculty and students are taking to learning in the metaverse, but universities wonder how they will pay for it once Meta’s two-year pilot program ends.

Three students walking on the campus of East Los Angeles College

Online Learning Still in High Demand at Community Colleges

Some colleges are still offering half or the majority of their classes online in response to student demand.

Hands type on a laptop keyboard while digital images float above the keys including the text "ChatGPT"

Harvard Taps AI to Help Teach Computer Science Course

Artificial intelligence powered by ChatGPT is helping Harvard’s beginner computer science students understand and improve their work creating and fixing code.

A woman in a sweatshirt leans over a table working with papers and looking at a laptop with other people on the screen

Student and Faculty Perspectives on Digital Learning Differ

A new report shows misalignments in institutional and student views on preferences for virtual instruction and experience with generative AI.

A Unity student pictured with exotic birds

An Online Pivot Pays Off

Unity College enrolled well under 1,000 students a decade ago. Now, renamed Unity Environmental University, enrollment has soared to more than 7,500, thanks to its emphasis on online education.