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How Can Online College Be Both ‘Promising’ and ‘Predatory’?

As with health news about chocolate or wine, higher ed news about online college can seem contradictory. Some researchers say it’s time to retire one-word descriptors.

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A Better Way to Address Revenue-Sharing and Online Marketing

The Education Department is right to try to regulate third-party providers and curtail online marketing, but there’s a simpler, more transparent way to do it, James DeVaney and John Katzman write.


Advancing Your Online Education Strategy

Successful planning approaches tend to ask and answer these 12 questions, Ben Chrischilles writes.

As Microcredentials Boom, Employers’ Hiring Platforms Fumble

Learners who earn verifiable, nondegree online offerings targeted to specific industries sometimes struggle to enter the information into employers’ hiring platforms.

Legal Blow to Internet Archive, Controlled Digital Lending

A federal judge’s ruling for book publishers delivered a swift verdict that has significant implications for librarians, writers and limits of digital libraries.

Pearson, Once a Market Leader, Leaves Online Services Business

The educational services giant, which has been supplanted in the space by 2U, Coursera and others, sells its online services unit to a private equity firm in an unsettled landscape.

Will University of the People Endure for the People?

This free, nonprofit, online university breaks rules, harnesses bots and seeks to serve the world. But its effort to seek new accreditation raises thorny higher ed innovation questions.

Contrasting Views on Ending Tuition-Sharing Agreements

U.S. officials got an earful at a “listening session” where consumer advocates said such arrangements put students at risk and campus leaders insisted the agreements help them serve working students better.