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Challenging ‘Bad’ Online Policies and Attitudes

Academic and industry leaders spoke with conviction at the SXSW EDU conference this week about approaches that impede educational access to motivated, capable learners.

The University of California Abandons Progress and Preserves Convention

The university system's new policy banning fully online degrees ignores the needs of today's students and leans on outdated information.

Microcredentials Confuse Employers, Colleges and Learners

Three recent studies highlight confusion about alternative credentials. But all parties seek quality, verifiable, bite-size, low-priced online offerings targeting specific industries.

Guidance on Outsourcing Spurs Anxiety About ‘Collateral Damage’

Biden administration guidance, targeted at companies that share tuition revenue with colleges, is framed so broadly it could affect nonprofit groups, state agencies and others. Update: Education Department delays implementation until Sept. 1.

University of California System Bans Fully Online Degrees

The 10-campus system closes a loophole that could have let undergraduates piece together a degree. Experts and some inside the system say that in justifying its decision, UC perpetuated outdated claims about online learning.

HyFlex Learning: Viable Beyond Emergencies?

The hybrid approach kept classroom learning accessible during the pandemic. Do the pros outweigh the cons in “normal” times?

Oversight Coming for Online Program Providers

Colleges and universities that contract with an online program management company need to submit details about those arrangements by May 1.

China Bans Overseas Online Colleges

As online students scramble to make international travel arrangements or to request exemptions with little notice, analysts suggest China’s ban lacks nuance.