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Attendees of a conference, two middle-aged light-skinned people, talk at a table.

Defining Liberal Education—and How to Advertise It

Faculty members and other supporters of the liberal arts gathered at Ursinus College last week to debate what liberal education is and how best to attract students to it.


Never Take Teaching Advice From an Administrator

Questioning a dean's essay on pedagogy and student learning.


Being Authentically Approachable

Being human is being approachable.

The letters "AI" in blue against a dark, futuristic, abstract background.

Readying Students for the AI Revolution

To prepare students for coming changes in the workforce, we are recommitting to three pedagogical practices, Molly Vollman Makris, Nate Mickelson and Ryan Coughlan write.

Madison Professor Allegedly Showed Breasts to Student

A University of Wisconsin at Madison art professor allegedly bared her breasts to a student on campus, resulting in a...
A photo of an analog wristwatch on a table.

Increasing Class Lengths… by 5 Minutes

The University of Delaware is increasing class lengths by five minutes to meet what its Faculty Senate said were federal minimum standards.

Concept image of four heads in profile connected by a tangled wire that becomes progressively less entangled from left to right, until the last head, where the wire connects to a lit light bulb.

How College Students Say They Learn Best 

In a new Student Voice survey, students share their preferences for class format, active learning strategies and note-taking. Interactive lectures and case studies are especially popular.

Students gathered around a spindly tree outside.

Rewriting the English Curriculum

With numbers of humanities majors declining, English departments are on the hunt for new strategies to attract students. Can a walk in Ishmael’s footsteps do the trick?