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Tackling Students’ Mental Health in the Classroom

Infusing practicable skills into academic classes can give students a greater sense of self-efficacy in managing challenging thoughts and feelings, writes Rachel Goldsmith Turow.

Why Do We Need a Liberal Arts Capstone?

Beyond capstones for majors, special courses that encourage interaction across disciplines can be especially useful for students launching into careers or grad school, writes David Droppa.

Spaces That Teach Us

Too few young adults have access to places where they can wonder, be curious, make mistakes and find common purpose with each other, writes Karla A. Erickson.

Play the Long Game

Higher education must do much more to support and value the intellectual, scholarly work of teaching, write Martha Diede, Jessica Dewey and Michelle Pautz.

Teaching Advice for Grad Students

If you’re to begin teaching soon and have received little (or no) instruction, how can you prepare so your experience isn’t demoralizing? Aeron Haynie and Stephanie Spong offer suggestions.

What Students Must Know About Scientific Expertise

We can do more to help those across the political spectrum understand how to apportion their trust in science and be less vulnerable to partisan denialism, says Michael Schwalbe.

Should Professors Need a License to Teach?

Susan N. Kahn calls for higher standards for entry into college and university teaching.

Teaching From the Source

Stephanie Y. Evans helps her students learn firsthand how it’s “real bad news” to write research papers without seeking out a variety of sources.