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In Celebration of Small Victories

During these especially challenging times, the little things that happen in the classroom can matter the most, writes Kevin Currie-Knight.

Professor Says He Was Barred From Campus After FOIA Inquiry

A public health professor says the University at Albany barred him from campus after a Monsanto lawyer filed an information request.

Making Students ‘Angry and Proud’

Arizona’s new “American institutions” requirement seeks to build on what students learned in high school civics without sugarcoating the flaws of the U.S. government.

Introducing Teaching and Learning Hubs

Karen A. Stout and Audrey J. Jaeger describe a new model that leverages faculty professional development to improve student outcomes at community colleges.

Lessons From a 2-Week Interim Course

It can be way more than a blow-off class or a rush through the curriculum, writes Christopher Schaberg.

Why Are Students So Disengaged?

A new survey by Wiley finds that one-fourth of students said they would be more invested in their courses if they learned in a way that emulated their future careers.

‘Procrastination-Friendly’ Academe Needs More Deadlines

Some faculty members believe eliminating deadlines optimizes flexibility for students. But cognitive psychology research suggests that students fare better academically and personally under numerous short-term deadlines.

Beyond the Monograph

Textbooks, op-eds, museum exhibitions, public lectures, congressional testimony, podcasts, historical gaming—the American Historical Association wants departments to consider more as historical scholarship.