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Hackers Sent Hoax Email Claiming Death of UConn President

Hackers took aim at the University of Connecticut last week, sending students a hoax email that falsely announced the death...
Morehouse College students utilizing the meta headsets in a microbiology class.

‘Metaversities’ Face Virtual Learning’s Financial Realities

Faculty and students are taking to learning in the metaverse, but universities wonder how they will pay for it once Meta’s two-year pilot program ends.

A silhouette of a person with their index finger at their lips indicating quiet.

AI Has a Language Diversity Problem. Humans Do, Too.

AI writing tools sometimes “correct” students’ dialects. But fixing the tech’s shortcomings may be easier than addressing human language biases.

Three students walking on the campus of East Los Angeles College

Online Learning Still in High Demand at Community Colleges

Some colleges are still offering half or the majority of their classes online in response to student demand.

A group of people gathered at a newly opened Artificial Intelligence Center. A futuristic blue sign bearing the name of the center anchors the left side of the frame.

Building the AI Talent Pipeline

Industry partnerships, stackable credentials, two new centers, AI across the curriculum: Madeline Pumariega writes how one college is responding to the need for an AI-trained workforce.

A group of nine people stand in a line practicing tai chi in a well-lit studio

Phone-Free Experiences Offer Students a Digital Detox

In the age of AI, mobile internet and the metaverse, some classes and colleges are charting a simpler path, offering phone-free environments to help students destress and build community.

A blue cartoon bird flies by holding a shopping bag as feathers fall off

More Academics Take Flight From Twitter as Restrictions, Alternatives Grow

Elon Musk’s new limits on viewing tweets have more academics rethinking Twitter just as Meta’s new Twitter competitor debuts.

Hands type on a laptop keyboard while digital images float above the keys including the text "ChatGPT"

Harvard Taps AI to Help Teach Computer Science Course

Artificial intelligence powered by ChatGPT is helping Harvard’s beginner computer science students understand and improve their work creating and fixing code.