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A student with a backpack walks under the entryway to a tree-lined college campus.

‘Affirmative Action for the Rich’

The ban on affirmative action has put pressure on selective colleges to end legacy preferences in admissions. But the advantages of familial wealth go beyond alumni status.

Three female swimmers swim in three different pool lanes.

End Admissions Preferences for Athletes

Admissions preferences for athletes favor wealthy, white families and corrupt youth sport, Rick Eckstein and Linda Flanagan write.

A crowd of students in front of a sculpture that spells UVU

Bridge Programs Over Troubled Water

Precollege programs can help boost access for students from underrepresented communities. The Supreme Court’s affirmative action ruling could force colleges to rethink them.

Wesleyan, U of Minnesota End Legacy Admissions

Wesleyan University will no longer consider applicants’ ties to alumni in admissions decisions, the institution announced Wednesday. Wesleyan president Michael...
A sign for Sarah Lawrence College, as person in a jacket walks past.

Prompting Discussion or Tempting Litigation?

Sarah Lawrence College will ask applicants about the Supreme Court’s affirmative action ban, quoting directly from the decision. Is it a savvy workaround or a brash rejoinder?

Two opposing groups of protesters with signs and flags face one another

Reading Between the Lines on Affirmative Action

The Supreme Court’s decision only explicitly addressed admissions. But legal experts say it could have much broader implications and that colleges would be wise to prepare accordingly.

The entrance to the U.S. Supreme Court.

Don’t Misread SFFA v. Harvard

The Supreme Court did not reject the notion that universities have a compelling interest in promoting a diverse student class, Jeffrey S. Lehman writes.

A redbrick building at USC

Not All Legacies Meet Admissions Standards

Three private universities in California say they admitted students in recent years who didn’t meet the institutions’ academic requirements.