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Failure to Launch

A new report explains how and why a public-private partnership that sought to help more community college students transfer to selective universities failed.

Few Options for Argosy Graduate Students

In the aftermath of closure, Argosy University graduate and doctoral students have difficulty transferring to new universities.

The (Missed) Potential of Transfer Students at Elite Colleges

Community college transfer students succeed academically and bring many kinds of diversity to elite institutions, but report finds few are admitted.

Push for Student-Level Data the Feds Don’t Collect

Major education foundations aren't waiting for Congress to provide data needed to better analyze and serve students. They've partnered to get the data themselves and are encouraging more colleges to join them.

Cal State Sees Major Gains in Graduation Rates

At same time, gaps between underrepresented minority students and everyone else are narrowing.

From Community College to a Selective University

Many community college students with high grade point averages aren't transferring to four-year institutions, new research finds, a fact some of the nation's most selective universities want to change.

Dropping the D

Transfer rates at North Carolina's Stanly Community College increased after the college made the simple grading change of no longer awarding D's.

Transfer Under One Roof

While policy makers push vocational education as an alternative to the bachelor’s degree, Utah Valley University does both as a dual-role community college and university that enrolls 37,000 students.