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Doctors Crossing Borders

U. of Queensland graduates its first class from its clinical school in Louisiana as medical education in general grows more international.

Try, Try Again

After withdrawing from the Gulf, George Mason plans to branch out once more -- participating in a South Korean university's effort to attract numerous foreign campuses.

Rules of Engagement

At U.S. branch campuses, protests often aren’t possible. What opportunities are there for political or social action?

A Call to Respect Rights

Over objections of Yale's president, professors approve measure demanding more attention to issues of freedom as university helps create new campus in Singapore.

Shifting Center of Gravity

Study finds that branch campuses are now growing more in Asia than in the Gulf region.

British Outpost in Qatar

University College London joins American institutions that have set up shop at an evolving campus in Doha.

Rapprochement in Duke China Policy

Months after faculty members voted down plan to charge foreign students U.S. tuition for program entirely abroad, a scaled-back program wins approval.

Gulf Withdrawal

Three years after establishing branch campus in United Arab Emirates, George Mason is closing its operations there -- highlighting the difficulties of such ventures.