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A group of young adults looking at their smartphones.

Gen Z and the Humanities

Post-pandemic cohorts of incoming students may have unique reasons for being drawn to the humanities, Randy Laist writes.

A scratched-out B next to an A-minus, circled in red, suggesting grade inflation.

Behind Declining Standards in Higher Ed

A “broke-woke-stroke” convergence may be to blame, Mark Horowitz, Anthony L. Haynor and Kenneth Kickham write.

A red and yellow discount label, reading "55% Off."

Time to Get Real About Tuition

The high-tuition, high-discount model is no longer serving most private colleges—or higher education as a whole, David Bushman writes.

A black mobile phone with the words "ChatGPT" in bold white letters on the screen, against a yellow background.

ChatGPT Calls for Scholarship, Not Panic

The truth is that we don’t really know (yet) how students are engaging with ChatGPT, Andrew C. Higgins writes.

A cluster of seven brightly colored speech bubbles, in seven different colors, against a sky-blue background.

No, There’s No Free Speech Crisis

The “speech crisis” narrative is incorrect, even as it risks becoming a self-fulfilling prophecy—and even as lawmakers use it to hammer higher ed, Elizabeth Niehaus writes.

A scientific laboratory, featuring a microscope in the foreground and lots of glassware in the background.

Toward a More Equitable Research Enterprise

Sharing the wealth in terms of federal research dollars would improve the quality of education for many students and increase U.S. competitiveness, Kim Wilcox writes.

A blonde Barbie astrophysicist doll, dressed in a shiny purple shirt and black pants, standing next to a telescope.

Why Does Physicist Barbie Want to Wear Pants?

If “femininity” and “physicist” cannot coexist even in Barbieland, how are we ever to support their coexistence in the real world, Natasha Holmes asks.

A line drawing of a person, hunched over and walking, as if exhausted. The inclusion of a "low battery" icon in the drawing drives the exhaustion point home.

Walking Faculty Back from the Cliff

With many faculty members exhausted and burned out, higher ed needs to take the well-being of its employees seriously, Sean McCandless, Bruce McDonald and Sara Rinfret write.