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A pink envelope sealed with a heart-shaped sticker, suggesting a love letter.

‘Dear Colleague’—A Love Letter

The Biden-Harris administration’s guidance on race-conscious admissions offers hope to affirmative action’s advocates and benefactors—and love, Phelton Moss writes.

A red pen rests on a marked-up English-language manuscript.

The ‘Native Speaker’ Fallacy

Stop telling students to have their essays checked by a native English speaker, Kino Zhao writes.

The word "harmful," spelled out in block letters, with one block per letter. Other blocks are strewn in the background.

What’s Missing From the Discourse on ‘Harm’

Recognizing the very real trauma many students from historically marginalized backgrounds bring to campus is not the same as coddling them, Nimisha Barton writes.

A photograph showing "AI" lit up against a dark, futuristic background. Next to the image are two red question marks.

Why Aren’t We Asking Questions of AI?

As students and professors grow more skilled at commanding chatbots to produce the outputs they want, Sean Ross Meehan wonders what this will mean for question-based inquiry. 

A collection of open books and notebooks, plus some black-and-white pictures, strewn on a table, as if being actively used for research. The books have an appearance of oldness.

Does Humanities Research Still Matter?

The rapid collapse in available research funding is one crisis in the humanities we aren’t talking enough about, Asheesh Kapur Siddique writes.

Wooden blocks spelling out the words "AFFIRMATIVE ACTION" against a plain dark background.

Racial Threat and Affirmative Action

My research speaks to the complex racial dynamics underlying the recent Supreme Court decision rejecting affirmative action in admissions, Andrew Ifedapo Thompson writes.

A professor standing in front of a chalkboard shakes a student's hand.

Trust the Process: Helping Students Overcome Imposter Syndrome

Faculty and staff members who interact with students can take five actions to help those with self-doubt and other struggles that may impact completion of a degree, writes David Stoddard.

Book jackets for eight different books featured in the accompanying review.

World-Wide Weird

Scott McLemee looks ahead to some ‘promisingly weird’ books from university presses due out this fall.