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An aerial view of the city of Pueblo, Colo., at sunset.

Regional Comprehensive Universities: Separate and Unequal

The gaps in resources between flagships and regional comprehensive universities raise serious equity concerns and are at odds with commitments to diversity, equity and inclusion, Doug Eskew writes.


Dealing With Graduate School Rejections

Applicants and programs need to improve rejection letters and how they are handled.

The white-columned facade of the U.S. Supreme Court

Selective Admissions on Trial

The Supreme Court decision on affirmative action is yet another reminder that emulating Harvard is—and always has been—a fool’s errand, John R. Thelin and Richard W. Trollinger write.

The University of Colorado Boulder campus with Flagstaff Mountain in the background.

Higher Ed Under Threat

Attacks on public higher education are attacks on American democracy, Philip DiStefano writes.

An image of a stethoscope and a human brain, depicting the concept of mental health.

College Mental Health Counselors Aren’t OK

Long-standing failures to invest adequately in college counseling centers have left mental health professionals burned out and feeling that their roles on campus are neither appreciated nor understood, Philip J. Rosenbaum and Richard E. Webb write.

The book jacket for ‘The Ends of Knowledge: Outcomes and Endpoints Across the Arts and Sciences,’ edited by Rachael Scarborough King and Seth Rudy.

‘The Ends of Knowledge’

What are the end points of our disciplines—and when, if ever, could we be done? Seth Rudy and Rachael Scarborough King argue these are questions worth asking.

A teacher trainee enrolled in an apprenticeship program at Reach University stands in front of an elementary school classroom, her hand raised as if to get students' attention. In the background, Reach University president Joe E. Ross is seated.

Will ‘Apprenticeship Degrees’ Come to America?

The emergence of prestigious “degree apprenticeships” in the United Kingdom has implications for the future of higher ed in the U.S., Joe E. Ross writes.


Explaining Cheating on Practice Exams

Ben Paris considers why students cheat.