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Three female swimmers swim in three different pool lanes.

End Admissions Preferences for Athletes

Admissions preferences for athletes favor wealthy, white families and corrupt youth sport, Rick Eckstein and Linda Flanagan write.

Panoramic view of the University of California, San Diego, campus with the ocean in the background.

Evolving ‘Extension’

A broader vision of extended studies’ role within the university renders it a far more valuable and powerful partner for pursuing the institution’s mission, Elizabeth H. Simmons and Hugo Villar write.

Exterior views of the Missouri State Capitol building, from afar.

Legislatures Can’t Fix Campus Speech Issues

Higher ed has problems related to academic freedom and freedom of expression, but state lawmakers are unlikely to solve them, Ryan Stowers writes.

A drawing of a rose next to a drawing of a loaf of bread.

Liberal Arts Cuts and Low Expectations

First-generation college students especially will face more limited horizons after Utica University eliminated half a dozen liberal arts majors, Lisa Orr writes.

A word cloud featuring the words "indoctrination" and related words, with "indoctrination" in the largest text, following by words including "propaganda," "concept," "control," and many other words.

The Myth of Indoctrination

The truth is faculty can’t easily “compel” students to believe something, even if (a big if) they wanted to, Dan Mahony writes.

Ethical College Admissions: A Very Disappointing Decision

Jim Jump’s critique of the Supreme Court ruling on affirmative action.

The entrance to the U.S. Supreme Court.

Don’t Misread SFFA v. Harvard

The Supreme Court did not reject the notion that universities have a compelling interest in promoting a diverse student class, Jeffrey S. Lehman writes.

The book cover for 'Uncharted: How Scientists Navigate Their Own Health, Research, and Experiences of Bias,' edited by Skylar Bayer and Gabi Serrato Marks.

Doing Science With Disabilities

Scott McLemee reviews Uncharted: How Scientists Navigate Their Own Health, Research, and Experiences of Bias.