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To the Editor:

In reference to "Reflections of a College Adjunct After 31 Years," (Career Advice, March 1): Stephen Werner's criticisms of "the caste system" in academia are spot-on.

But the fact that his "frequent efforts to connect with the full-timers" were a "waste of time" invites a question.

Why are tenured professors, a famously liberal group, complicit in this injustice in their own institutions, where action on their part could make a real difference? The professor described below, although partly made up, illustrates the problem.

His conscience has lately arisen
To make him teach people in prison.
He still snubs the adjuncts who seek to advance. 
The wrong kinds of underdogs don't rate his glance.

--Felicia Nimue Ackerman
Professor of Philosophy
Brown University

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