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Doctors Receive Much More Training Than Nurses Do

Nurses do important work, but doctors get much more graduate and residency training.  


Blog Posts on Disability and Climate Change Miss the Mark

Instead of engaging in ableism and "terror teaching," we should focus on helping all students engage in climate action.

Historical Inaccuracy on Selective Admissions

Essay on the Supreme Court's decision misconstrues key issues.


Distorted View of White House Strategy on Campus Antisemitism

The Biden administration's new policy will hardly silence anti-Israel viewpoints on college campuses.

The Rise, Dilution, and Death of Affirmative Action, 1970-2023

The Supreme Court's recent decisions follow decades of declining commitment to equal opportunity.

Palestinians' and Jews' Rights to Self-Determination

Another way the Biden administration's definition of antisemitism falls short.

The Wrong Question on Presidential Leadership

To the Editor: A June 26 IHE news article on Executive Leadership asks "Should College Presidents Criticize Political Candidates?” This...

Why Don't Tenured Professors Support Adjuncts?

Are they they wrong kind of underdogs to earn support from the tenured?