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Two students wearing hard hats and flannels face away from the camera to evaluate a construction site

Success Program Launch: Free College for In-Demand Workforce

Starting this fall, Colorado community and technical colleges will cover student tuition, fees and course materials costs for seven professional certifications or degrees.

A woman stands in a classroom talking to students on their laptops in front of a wall feature a circle with the six Life Design principles.

Program Innovation: Students Consider Life Design Campuswide

An institutional focus on Life Design principles at Bowling Green State University encourages students to take charge of their life and embrace their ambitions. Two new centers provide staffing and programming for holistic student success.

A group of Information Science and Technology Students smile for a photo.

Success Program Launch: Tech Students Stay Local With Career Exploration

Information science and technology students at the University of Nebraska at Omaha participate in a four-year, tiered experiential learning program to expose them to workforce opportunities in the state.

A job applicant smiles across the table at a hiring manager, who holds her résumé.

Career Services Offices Teach Students to Use AI

Since the launch of ChatGPT in November, career services professionals have been experimenting with ways to coach students in the use of generative AI for résumés and cover letters.

Barbara Blake Gonzalez stands in front of the Old Dominion University Monarch Internship and Co-Op office

Program Launch: One-Stop for Internships, Co-Ops

To break down silos and increase access to work-based learning, Old Dominion University established a new department focused on internships for all students on campus.

Emory University senior Alia Bly stands in the OKB Hope Foundation's mobile disease screening laboratory in Mobia, a rural community in the Ashanti region of southern Ghana.

Supporting Internship Experience With Pay

Emory University launched a privately funded internship aid program for undergraduate students, alleviating the financial burden on students participating in experiential learning.

Students and alumni from Thomas More University discuss careers in biology

Success Program Launch: Alumni Mentors for Biology Students

A mentorship program for STEM students offers insight into the field and network connections for undergraduate students’ postgraduate success.

Ohlone College in California on a sunny day

Leadership Academy Provides Access, Equity in Career Development

Semester-long program for disproportionately impacted students at Ohlone College in California offers job experience and career preparation skills.