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A photograph showing "AI" lit up against a dark, futuristic background. Next to the image are two red question marks.

Why Aren’t We Asking Questions of AI?

As students and professors grow more skilled at commanding chatbots to produce the outputs they want, Sean Ross Meehan wonders what this will mean for question-based inquiry. 

Zoom logo, contract, exclamation mark and question mark and megaphone

Zoom’s Changing Stances on AI and User Data Have Faculty Alarmed

Faculty members joined the social media outrage over Zoom’s ambiguity on using data to feed its AI and machine learning platforms. 

A legal scale with a glass of pencils on the left side and the logo for ChatGPT on the right side

Law Schools Split on ChatGPT in Admissions Essays

Some say failing to teach law students to use artificial intelligence is “malpractice,” but the role ChatGPT should have in law school admissions is unclear.

A person with a screen for a head displaying "ChatGPT" writes "welcome to class" on an orange wall.

Professors Craft Courses on ChatGPT With ChatGPT

While some institutions are banning the use of the new AI tool, others are leaning into its use and offering courses dedicated solely to navigating the new technology.

AI Boom Creates Concerns for Recent Graduates

More than half of recent graduates question whether they are properly prepared for the workforce in light of the rise...
A white microwave with two large knobs.

Warming Up to the Power of ChatGPT

Erin E. Kelly searches for the right analogy to help contextualize the rise of ChatGPT.

A silhouette of a person with their index finger at their lips indicating quiet.

AI Has a Language Diversity Problem. Humans Do, Too.

AI writing tools sometimes “correct” students’ dialects. But fixing the tech’s shortcomings may be easier than addressing human language biases.

A group of people gathered at a newly opened Artificial Intelligence Center. A futuristic blue sign bearing the name of the center anchors the left side of the frame.

Building the AI Talent Pipeline

Industry partnerships, stackable credentials, two new centers, AI across the curriculum: Madeline Pumariega writes how one college is responding to the need for an AI-trained workforce.