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Supporting the Faculty Member Fearing Generative AI

The advent of generative AI has hit higher education with the force of an earthquake, deeply shaking many faculty members who have serious concerns for their careers.

The Servant Leader in Higher Education

One of the greatest leaders in the history of the United States commonly closed his correspondence with “Your obedient servant, A. Lincoln.”


Generative AI in College and Departmental Administration

Generative AI can be an important assistant in promoting excellence in the role of dean, associate dean, department chair or department head.

Productively and Painlessly Integrating Gen AI Into Your Fall Classes

It is important that we give our learners experience in using generative AI to prepare them for job interviews, career advancement and efficient practices in the workplace.

This Fall, How Will You Integrate Gen AI Into Your University Work?

We are already halfway through the summer. Now is the time to put into action your resolution to apply the power of AI at work.

Building the New Model for Teaching and Learning

OpenAI, assisted by Khan Academy, is building a new model for teaching and learning, to be called OpenAI Academy. At the center of the model is generative AI.

Fast Track to AGI: So, What’s the Big Deal?

Artificial general intelligence is a term that elicits fear in some experts, who cite far-ranging human consequences and eager anticipation among those who see the potential for human progress.

Steps to Take While AI Chat Bots Mature

Too many of us are making snap judgments about AI chat bots based on reading one or two reviews or by taking only five minutes to test out the current version.