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The logo of Ashford University, in tones of purple and yellow.

U.S. Discharges $72 Million in Loans for Ashford Students

The University of Arizona Global Campus, which acquired Ashford in 2020, might be on the hook for the discharged student loans.

A photo illustration of Florida governor Ron DeSantis

Florida’s Accreditation Shuffle Begins

Education Department approves one Florida college’s application to change accreditors. A new state law—and Ron DeSantis—dictate that Florida’s 39 other public colleges do the same.

Federal Appeals Court Reinstates Ban on Student Loan Collection Fees

A month before student loan payments are scheduled to restart, a federal appeals court has reinstated a ban on student...

U.S. Fines Law Schools Over Financial Aid Violations

The U.S. Department of Education has settled with five free-standing law schools after an investigation showed that those institutions “improperly...
Photo collage features student loan protest photos, a snippet of President Joe Biden and the Supreme Court building

Biden Announced Loan Forgiveness a Year Ago. The Battle Was Only Beginning.

Although the Supreme Court blocked the president’s plan, his decision to forgive some student loans has reshaped policy and politics.

Biden Administration Moves Forward With New Repayment Plan

Student loan borrowers can now apply for the Biden administration’s new loan repayment program, and the Education Department is working...
A photo illustration of the scales of justice

U of Chicago Financial Aid Settlement Leaves Co-Defendants in a Tough Spot

The University of Chicago settled a federal antitrust lawsuit over financial aid. What does that mean for the 16 remaining defendants in the class action case?

A professor offers advice to a student who is taking a test.

Americans See College’s Value but Question Its Price

A survey by New America shows Americans aren’t convinced of the return on investment of a college degree.