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A photo of the St. Norbert College campus

St. Norbert Trustee Sues Grad for Defamation

A former administrator was accused of mishandling sexual assault issues at St. Norbert College. Now he’s a trustee and suing a graduate who publicly criticized his leadership.

A person walks at Baylor University campus in Waco, Texas.

Education Dept. Affirms Exemption for Baylor From Protecting Gay Students From Harassment

Biden administration says Baptist is exempt from addressing sexual harassment claims involving students LGBTQ+ students, if it can show conflict with its religious tenets.

Multnomah University students sit in rows in the campus chapel with books in their laps.

Multnomah Welcomes ‘Not Yet Believers’

The university ended a requirement that all students sign faith statements. Other Christian campuses are also taking measures to broaden their reach.

Jerry Falwell Jr. Sues Liberty Over His Father’s Trademark

Amid ongoing litigation against Liberty University, former Liberty president Jerry Falwell Jr. has filed another lawsuit, suing the evangelical institution...
A photo of West Virginia governor Jim Justice, a light-skinned man with white hair, speaking

W.Va. Governor Wants to Save Alderson Broaddus

Alderson Broaddus University faced a vote from a state oversight board that could have prompted its closure. Then the governor stepped in, though without a clear plan.

Students walk on Walsh University's campus in the fall with a steeple topped with a cross in the background.

Catholic Higher Ed Governance In Flux

Catholic colleges and universities are having to revamp their governance structures as their founding religious orders take a step back, a new report says.

Former TKC president Stockwell Day speaking at commencement

No Classes, No Accreditation, No Closure?

The King’s College is squeezed financially, has lost accreditation and will cancel classes this fall. But leadership doesn’t intend for the closure to be permanent.

Calvin University to Acquire Compass Film School

Calvin University has acquired Compass College of Film and Media, a small nonprofit college also located in Grand Rapids, Mich...