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Swan Song

At one small liberal arts college, retiring professors get one last chance to teach that course they've always wanted to.

Ready for Retirement?

Professors approaching the end of their careers say that they are ready financially, survey finds, but relatively few have figured out their needs. And younger faculty know they don't have it figured out.

Not a Retirement Club

With many professors balking at giving up their intellectual homes, some institutions create emeritus colleges.

Retiring His 'Boomer Butt'

Lots of faculty members are delaying retirement as long as possible. A Penn State political scientist says that's a bad idea -- and sets off debate when he follows through on his idea.

They Aren't Retiring

A new study backs idea that the end of mandatory retirement significantly changed the way professors finish (or don't finish) their careers.

Who Will Teach Nursing?

With retirements looming, vacancies unfilled and accreditors cracking down, many colleges search for strategies to hire professors in fast-growing field.

Class Action Against TIAA-CREF

Suit charges retirement giant with holding on to gains made as professors were shutting down accounts.

Working Way Past 65

New study shows that professors are delaying retirement or not planning to retire at all, due to both professional and economic reasons.