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Ohio’s Miami U Faculty Unionize

Miami University faculty members have voted 450 to 241 to unionize, in an election where nearly 90 percent of eligible...

AAUP Censures Emporia State, Collin

The American Association of University Professors’ governing council has placed the administrations of both Texas’ Collin College and Kansas’ Emporia...
A photo of Hoover Tower on Stanford's campus.

In Proctoring Debate, Stanford Faculty Takes ‘Nuclear Option’

Proctoring has been banned at Stanford for over a century, but faculty members think an influx in cheating demands a change. They circumvented a student government vote to try to implement proctored exams.

Faculty Continues Criticizing James Madison Provost

James Madison University’s Faculty Senate has now passed a series of resolutions criticizing Provost Heather Coltman, including one last month...

Deal Ends Strike at Governors State U

Faculty members at Governors State University will be teaching today because of a tentative deal reached with the administration to...
A brick gate with a Lafayette College sign

Hiring Deans Without Details Raises Alarm

Lafayette, a liberal arts college, is adding deans to lead its four academic divisions July 1. But a lack of details about their roles, plus other alleged issues, have elicited concerns from department heads and program chairs.

Representation Matters

A proposed bylaw change as to how UVA selects faculty board reps reveals lingering mistrust between campus constituencies.

Why Not Both?

Both tenure and unions are crucial for protecting the rights of faculty and other academic professionals in American higher education, Irene Mulvey and Randi Weingarten write.