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A photo illustration of a sticker saying "FREE 2024 Fall Special" on a textbook with a $99.99 price tag.

University Says It Won’t Charge for Textbooks. Professors Ask How.

West Texas A&M's Faculty Senate voted no confidence in its president last spring, partly for his talk of a “textbook-free” campus. Now he's doubling down.

A hand with a paintbrush works on a colorful abstract painting on a wooden table.

AI Raises Complicated Questions About Authorship

As the public awaits clarity on the legality of generative AI outputs, academics parse differences between how machines and humans borrow in creative pursuits.

A picture of the book jacket for "Off the Mark" on the left, beside individual headshots of the two authorsh

How Grading Veered 'Off the Mark'

A new book by two education professors explores why assessment became so fraught and what we can do to restore its original purpose: helping students learn.  

A square with rounded corners colored with a changing gradient that starts red and pink on the top left and changes to purple and blue on the bottom right. On this background are the white letters "T," "H" and "E." To the right of the rounded square, black text reads "Times Higher Education."

Wiley Journal Board Resigns After Monthlong Strike

Departing editors accept that there’s “no shortage of academics” to replace them as they call for “concerted action.”

An enhanced photo of a paper by Priscilla K. Coleman, with "retracted" written in red and all caps across it.

Weighing Retracting an Abortion Critic’s Work, With Lawyers Involved

Frontiers in Psychology retracted a paper by Priscilla K. Coleman. The British Journal of Psychiatry declined to retract another, after which editorial board members resigned. It’s a fight over abortion research in the post-Roe era.

The Floating University, by Tamson Pietsch

‘The Floating University’

In 1926, an NYU professor took 500 students on a tour around the world. Now a professor considers what they learned—and what they didn’t learn—on the voyage.

Big Idea Concept, The woman open the door in the maze-shaped brain

Exodus From an Elsevier Neuroscience Journal

One of the world’s largest scientific publishers refused to reduce its $3,450 fee to publish in NeuroImage. All the editors left to start their own journal.

Sandy Baum and Michael McPherson's Campus Economics: How Economic Thinking Can Help Improve College and University Decisions (Princeton University Press)

Economics and Higher Education

Authors discuss their book on “how economic thinking can help improve college and university decisions.”