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'Teaching Unprepared Students'

Many experts say that the United States can only truly see gains in the percentages of adults who have a...

'The American College Town'

For many students, living in a college town is a key part of their undergraduate experience. And for many faculty...

Fight Over a Beloved (and Lucrative) Book

U. of Nebraska Press sold almost one million copies of Black Elk Speaks. The director moved to SUNY and now the book is moving too. Fair game or unfair edge?

The Sociology of 'Hooking Up'

Many researchers rely on college undergraduates as subjects for studies of human behavior. For Kathleen A. Bogle, an assistant professor...

Ideas to Shake Up Publishing

Unusual study leads to proposals for university presses to collaborate, to broaden definition of "academic publishing," and to build online capabilities.

A Dish Best Served Cold

Shakespeare wrote one of the most savage plays in the canon. Scott McLemee visits the dark side.

New Model for Scholarly Publishing

Rice killed its press a decade ago. Now it will return -- with all materials online, but with peer review system akin to print operations.