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A photograph of M. Katherine Banks, the now-retired president of Texas A&M University.

Texas A&M President Retires, Citing Press Over Mishandled Hire of Black Editor

The university’s president since June 2021 stepped down effective immediately Thursday night amid negative national media attention.

A drawing of someone in a black hoodie at a laptop with a black poison symbol on it, with ones and zeros behind him.

Researchers Say They Found IP Addresses for ‘Anonymous’ Econ Forum Posts

A study into toxicity on Economics Job Market Rumors says it uncovered IP addresses for posts, linking many back to universities.

A white man and a Black woman, José Luis Bermúdez and Kathleen McElroy, together hold a Texas A&M shirt, with maroon and silver balloons behind them.

Texas A&M Dean Resigns Amid Black Journalist Tenure Controversy

Reporting about a new journalism program finds that a celebrated hire rejected a watered down job offer, spurring an interim dean to resign.

U of South Carolina Ed College Antiracist Statement Vanishes

A University of South Carolina College of Education mission statement that referenced “anti-racist, pro-Black instruction” disappeared from the college's website...
A staged image of someone signing a form while checking into a conference.

When Discrimination Attends Your Conference

Multiple discriminatory incidents have occurred or been reported in recent years at conferences, where panelists’ and attendees’ unscripted comments can cause controversy.

Black Editor Rejects Texas A&M Job Offer to Revive J-School

The former University of Texas at Austin School of Journalism director, who’s also a veteran New York Times editor, turned...
Sonny Perdue, chancellor of the University System of Georgia, shakes hands with a young student in a green T-shirt..

Defense for DEI Initiatives, From a Former Trump Official

Sonny Perdue was Trump’s agriculture secretary before becoming the University System of Georgia chancellor. He has provided a report on diversity, equity and inclusion—and defended it.

Faculty Opposes Penn State Reverse Discrimination Lawsuit

Over 370 faculty members and a few dozen others have signed a letter supporting “antiracist faculty” at Pennsylvania State University...