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Landscape scene from prehistoric times with dinosaurs and a human flying in a orb-like craft

Arizona State’s Big Bet on Virtual Reality Labs

The university drops in-person labs in intro biology courses after an experiment that boosted inclusivity. But some question whether the technology can faithfully replicate scientific pursuits.

A woman in a graduation gap and gown holds a little girl.

Prioritizing Student Parents

A new certification will acknowledge colleges, universities and organizations that do a particularly good job of serving students with children.

A photo of Hoover Tower on Stanford's campus.

In Proctoring Debate, Stanford Faculty Takes ‘Nuclear Option’

Proctoring has been banned at Stanford for over a century, but faculty members think an influx in cheating demands a change. They circumvented a student government vote to try to implement proctored exams.

Four students at the Illinois Institute of Technology complete a colorful paper construction project.

Career Exploration Offers Options for Undeclared STEM Students

Illinois Institute of Technology will launch its Discover+ program this fall, enabling students who haven’t taken advanced-level math and science courses to explore STEM careers without losing time toward degree completion.

Logo for the voice chat app Discord, which has a silhouette of a gaming device

Discord for Leaking Military Files—and Exam Questions

College students use the social media app to express themselves and connect with others. But given the platform’s problematic history, some professors offer guidance for safe use.

A scientist measures levels in a body of water.

Academic Success Tip: Promote LGBTQ+ Safety and Inclusion in the Field

A paper led by an Earlham College professor of biology and environmental sustainability offers best practices in LGBTQ+ inclusion in field science work.

Four student actors in the musical "Ordinary Days" stand in a rain of colorful papers.

Where STEM and the Arts Live in Harmony

The Rochester Institute of Technology offers no performance degrees, but about 10 percent of students receive an arts scholarship. The model produces well-rounded students and a sense of community.

Graphic art showing a female professor in front of a large open book, speaking to a student with a question mark above their head, pointing to a screen. Colors are blue, gray and orange.

Professors Can Make a Difference in Promoting Students’ Success

How can professors support students, beyond engaging them in more active learning? Our infographic offers six ideas.