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The cover of the book Short Changed featuring a pencil filling out test answer bubbles

A Brutal Critique of AP Courses

New book, Shortchanged, says the program hurts students and the values of the liberal arts.

New Guide for Using Data to Track Student Success

Complete College America, an organization dedicated to boosting college completion rates, released a new guidebook today that aims to help...
A stack of four blocks, each bearing one of the words "Diversity," Equity" "and" "Inclusion," against an orange background.

DEI’s Critics Are Missing the Point

Many criticisms of DEI are misguided and miss the essential fact that attention to diversity, equity and inclusion advances learning for everyone, Shaya Gregory Poku writes.

Students sit in a classroom taking a test as a teacher walks by.

2 Architects of Traditional Assessment Embrace Competency

Carnegie Foundation and ETS launch a major initiative to develop competency-based assessments, which could change how high school students show college and workforce readiness.

A photo of an analog wristwatch on a table.

Increasing Class Lengths… by 5 Minutes

The University of Delaware is increasing class lengths by five minutes to meet what its Faculty Senate said were federal minimum standards.

Four students participating in a panel are seated at a table, where they are speaking with and engaging with one another.

5 Lessons Learned From Diverse Student Panels

We held panels with students who hold marginalized identities to ask how faculty and administrators can better support them, Matthew R. Johnson, Jennifer Evanuik and Xantha Karp write.

Two students walking and holding books on the campus of Athens State University

Adult Learners Driving New Degree Programs at Athens State

A push to serve adult learners has fueled an ambitious effort to add eight degree programs at Athens State University.

A close-up picture of a hand holding a magnifying glass over the word "Humanities." The word stands out as magnified against a sea of other words.

Why We Need Applied Humanities

Applied humanities courses or modules have much to offer students studying STEM, Kathryn Strong Hansen writes.