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Student walk on the University of Texas at San Antonio campus

Program Innovation: Accessible, Paid Experiential Learning With Local Businesses

The University of Texas at San Antonio’s experiential learning program partners students from various majors with local businesses to help find solutions to real-world issues.

A student writes on a protest sign. Behind her, a student writes on a sign that says "opportunity for all" in blue letters.

Undocumented and Unemployed

A group of undocumented students and legal scholars are arguing that the University of California system legally can and should employ these students on their campuses.

A UW Milwaukee student intern wearing a hard hat and hold equipment during an internship at a drink company

Universities Foot the Bill for Paid Internships

To capitalize on the benefits of paid internships, two university systems have created funds to support students who might not otherwise seek such opportunities.

New York social work students hold up signs asking their universities to compensate them for fieldwork.

Seeking Payment for Social Work Internships

Students at 30 institutions are asking for compensation for their internships, arguing that the unpaid work causes distress and even prevents some from finishing their degrees.

CUNY apprentices smile for a photo holding certificates of completion.

Scaling Up: Increasing Apprenticeship Programs

The City University of New York will add 12 apprenticeship programs to its associate degree programs starting this fall. The additional offerings will support hundreds of students across 10 CUNY colleges.

A man in a black sweater in a wooden lecture hall gestures to a blackboard with a flow chart on it.

Measuring Outcomes in Income

With the public increasingly skeptical of the value of higher education, new data show STEM majors still get the most lucrative jobs. Critics say future earnings aren’t all students care about.

The Class of 2023 On Remote Work, AI and More

The Class of 2023 is graduating into an economy transformed by the pandemic, rapidly evolving technology and potentially destabilizing levels...
A man browses suit jacket options hanging on a rack.

Career Prep Tip: Address Definitions of Professional Dress

Landing the first job out of college is one hurdle students face, but learning how to dress for work is another. Institutions can support students’ career development by establishing a professional dress guide.