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An instructor in a hard hat instructs a student in a hard hat, pointing to a machine.

How Well Do Career-Prep Offerings Serve Students?

Harvard researchers say colleges have all kinds of programs and supports designed to help students get well-paying jobs, but there’s little research on if they accomplish their goals.


Career-Readiness Initiatives Are Missing the Mark

Instead of focusing on generic soft skills and internships, students need work-integrated classroom learning and pathways for building career readiness, Matthew T. Hora writes.

Preaching to, and Challenging, the Liberal Arts Choir

In a conversation with presidents of small private colleges, tech company executives praise graduates’ leadership and critical thinking ability but say they need to develop skills for a first job, too.

Game On

Students develop preferences and learn skills when they play online games. A new study suggests that information could help them chart their career trajectories.

Shedding Light on the ‘Learn and Work Ecosystem’

New web library strives to highlight and support the work of governments, foundations, colleges and other organizations focused on the intersection of education, training and careers.

Dressing for Success

Many students preparing for job interviews and internships can now turn to campus “career closets” for free professional clothing—much of it donated by newly remote workers.

Breaking Down Barriers to Internships

The lack of valuable career-related work experiences for community college students often comes down to time and money. California Community Colleges chancellor Daisy Gonzales addresses these issues and how institutions can help.

A Need to Succeed: What Students Want and Get From Internships

Students evaluate internships and experiential learning opportunities, including virtual roles that the pandemic made more widely available, and how stronger partnerships and other efforts would help.