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From College to Career Success

Employers were asked what skills they most value and what skills recent graduates are weakest in. Tara A. Rose and Terri L. Flateby summarize the findings.

Eager to Get to Work

The COVID-19 pandemic took a toll on the Class of 2022—especially regarding their mental health. But they gained resilience, and now that they're graduating, their outlook is sunny and bright.

Barriers to Jobs Even When Not Behind Bars

Tens of thousands of legal restrictions limit job options for formerly incarcerated students who got college degrees and certificates in hopes of gaining a new lease on life.

Fewer Job Offers for the Latest Class of COVID-19

A new survey from the National Association of Colleges and Employers found that graduates from historically marginalized populations benefited from virtual job recruiting but were still less likely to get paid internships or jobs.

‘Playing Long Ball’

New initiative to help HBCUs enhance career readiness and leadership development for students is a welcome development for Black college leaders, who say such philanthropic partnerships will yield better results than one-time infusions of cash.

What Employers Want

AAC&U survey of employers shows liberal arts skills are valued and sought out in the workplace but raises questions about student preparation.

Career Readiness in the COVID World

COVID-19 and uprisings for racial justice have called for a thorough transformation of how we prepare students for the professional world, writes Dana Hamdan.

Great Recession Graduates: Where Are They Now?

One in five of those receiving bachelor's degrees in 2007-08 had negative net worth in 2018, and 14 percent couldn't pay essential expenses.