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A picture of the book jacket for "Off the Mark" on the left, beside individual headshots of the two authorsh

How Grading Veered 'Off the Mark'

A new book by two education professors explores why assessment became so fraught and what we can do to restore its original purpose: helping students learn.  

Philosophy Professor Uses Fake Online Answers to Catch Cheating

A professor says he caught 40 of his 96 online Introduction to Ethics students cheating by posting on Quizlet a...

‘Procrastination-Friendly’ Academe Needs More Deadlines

Some faculty members believe eliminating deadlines optimizes flexibility for students. But cognitive psychology research suggests that students fare better academically and personally under numerous short-term deadlines.

Accreditors Are Sleeping on the Job

The accrediting agencies’ collective failure to hold low-performing colleges accountable against objective standards harms students and taxpayers, Jay Urwitz writes.

Should Class Participation Be Graded?

The pandemic laid bare course policies and practices that disadvantage some students. Now, some say that professors should cool it with awarding participation points.

University of Arizona Pursues Switch to Western Accreditor

The shift away from the Higher Learning Commission is possible because the WASC Senior College and University Commission has broadened its scope to include institutions wherever they reside.

New Campaign Wants to Prove ‘College Is Worth It’

The National Association of System Heads begins an initiative to bolster the public’s view of higher education by demonstrating—and where necessary improving—how the institutions drive social mobility and individual "prosperity."

Data's Role in Student and Institutional Success

"Data's Role in Student and Institutional Success" is a new print-on-demand compilation from Inside Higher Ed.