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Debating the Value of Arts (and Other) Degree Programs

Kevin Carey and Doug Dempster discuss accountability, exploitation and the wisdom of getting degrees in low-paying fields.

It’s Time to Open the Black Boxes

As remote testing becomes pervasive, colleges should ask some fundamental and wide-ranging questions, Jeremy Epstein and Christopher Kang write.

Dealing With Students’ Learning Loss: The Key Podcast

Two experts on student learning discuss how colleges and professors can gauge whether and how much the pandemic set back students on their educational paths.

An Accreditor Goes Deeper on Data

Western accrediting agency’s new database, tapping into wide swath of federal information, better enables public scrutiny of the performance of the colleges it monitors.

A Culture of Assessment

" A Culture of Assessment " is a new free compilation of articles and essays from Inside Higher Ed. You...

Using Data and Analytics in Campus Decision Making

" Using Data and Analytics in Campus Decision Making " is a new compilation of articles and essays from Inside...

No More Proctorio

University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign says it won't work with Proctorio past this summer, citing "significant" accessibility concerns. Will other campuses be next?

Creating Rich Transcripts for Career Activation

Institutions should be embarrassed by the standard transcripts they have been issuing, unchanged for a century, and students should demand better, argues Fred Cutler.