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A graph showing the annual number of Chinese-descent scientists who have left the U.S. for either China/Hong Kong or other countries. The numbers going to China steadily increased from 2010 to 2021, with an even faster increase since 2018.

Chinese Scientists Increasingly Leaving U.S.

A new study suggests the Department of Justice’s China Initiative investigations may have strengthened the foreign power by encouraging more scientists to relocate there.

An image composed of various election-related phrases layered atop one another, incluidng "2020 election," "Misinformation" and "democratic process."

Conservatives Sue, Investigate Disinformation Researchers

A second lawsuit alleges a Stanford University–University of Washington collaboration worked to “censor” Americans’ speech. The new suit takes aim at the researchers themselves. 

Harvard Dishonesty Researcher Now on Administrative Leave

Harvard University has placed a business administration professor who studies dishonesty on administrative leave, The Chronicle of Higher Education reports...
An image of an hourglass against a black background.

MIT Exonerates Professor—After 3.5-Year Wait

The Massachusetts Institute of Technology received research misconduct allegations against Ram Sasisekharan in 2019. It didn’t clear his name until this spring.

Striking U of Washington Postdocs, Scientists Reach Tentative Deal

University of Washington postdoctoral researchers and research scientists and engineers announced Thursday that they have paused their strike after reaching...
Pages of a letter including bullet points ordering a faculty member to among other things, to “Cease engagement in offline conversations with reporters.”

Mayo Threatens Firing Professor for Interviews—and Idioms

A longtime faculty member at the medical school is being threatened with termination after interviews he gave to CNN and The New York Times.

U of Washington Research Postdocs, Scientists Begin Strike

University of Washington postdoctoral researchers and research scientists/engineers began striking Wednesday over pay and other issues. Becca Bluett, a member...
A computer-generated image of a lecture hall filled with people looking at a screen that shows the text "AI and Robotics"

Colleges Race to Hire and Build Amid AI ‘Gold Rush’

Cue the bulldozers to make room for hordes of new AI faculty. But computer scientists willing to teach are in short supply, and innovation’s trajectory is rarely predictable.