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Astronomy Preprint Withdrawn Over a Co-Author’s Inclusion

An astronomy preprint’s lead author withdrew the paper and is removing one of the co-authors: Geoff Marcy, who resigned his...
In an underwater photo, a woman in a scuba mask smiles while next to a coral reef

Faculty Diverges on Researcher’s Alleged Misconduct

A University of Delaware associate professor of marine science says a faculty panel ruled in her favor after another committee found her guilty of research misconduct. She says the president is still planning to fire her.

Female scientists in white coats with their hair pulled back stand beside a microscope.

Research Finds No Gender Bias in Academic Science

Reviewing decades of studies, researchers with “adversarial” perspectives conclude that tenure-track women and men in STEM receive comparable grant funding, journal acceptances and recommendation letters—and that women have an edge over men in hiring.

Big Idea Concept, The woman open the door in the maze-shaped brain

Exodus From an Elsevier Neuroscience Journal

One of the world’s largest scientific publishers refused to reduce its $3,450 fee to publish in NeuroImage. All the editors left to start their own journal.

A photo of the University of Texas at Austin's campus.

Texas Supreme Court Says Universities Can Revoke Degrees

A Texas Supreme Court majority has ruled that two major public university systems in the state can revoke degrees received through academic misconduct.

A Collision of Innovation and Interests

Adrian College has used the course-sharing platform Rize Education to launch new majors and increase enrollment. But Adrian’s president also co-founded Rize, and some observers think that creates a conflict of interest.

Balancing Student Privacy and Open Access

What responsibility does a course materials–sharing platform have to protect the privacy of the students who use it?

Just the End of the Beginning

U of Florida says three professors can now testify as experts in an elections lawsuit, and accept customary payment for their time. The professors are suing the university anyway. UF’s faculty union describes a larger pattern of apparent political interference in academic matters.